Paul Fidalgo

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  • Gabriel Kühl

    Gabriel Kühl

  • A.L.R. Garlow

    A.L.R. Garlow

    Video games enthusiast, environmental and animal rights advocate, 3D printing tech hobbyist.

  • Elie Levine

    Elie Levine

    Formerly Associate Manager, Audience Development at Medium

  • Chellie Pingree

    Chellie Pingree

    Farmer, mother, Maine islander, Member of Congress, lover of root vegetables

  • Dan Harmon

    Dan Harmon

    grappenmaker; boulevardier; I take four deep four second breaths four times a day and it makes me better than you so eat it

  • Carl Franzen

    Carl Franzen

    Storyteller @Xerox. When not doing that, I mostly write fiction.

  • Mandy Velez

    Mandy Velez

    Just a millennial journalist in NYC trying to make the world a better place for women.

  • Jason Howell

    Jason Howell

    Podcast producer and Host for, including Tech News Weekly, and All About Android

  • Soraya Roberts

    Soraya Roberts

    Culture columnist at Longreads and author of In My Humble Opinion: My So-Called Life.

  • Julia Sweeney

    Julia Sweeney

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